Street Light STRL-005

Stretched aluminum shell, rational & artistic design; Honeycomb briquette effect heat dissipation principle, best thermal management system, achieve excellent cooling performance

  • Model: HT-STRL-H-005
  • Voltage: AC85-305V 50/60HZ
  • Power: 60W-200W
  • Power Factor: >0.90
  • Luminous: 95-110LM/W
  • Efficiency: 88%
  • IP Class: IP65
  • Warranty: 3-5 years
  • Finishes: White/Black/Gray
  • Material: ASTM6063

·  Technology Parameter


·  Features

       Stretched aluminum shell, rational & artistic design

       Honeycomb briquette effect heat dissipation principle, best thermal management system, achieve excellent cooling performance

       IP65: highest waterproof & dustproof level

        Multiple lighting distributionsmeet the road’s request of equiluminous & isoluminance

        A smart constant current technique, to extend lifespan of LED drivers

        Single LED unit’s damage won't affect others' normal work

·  Application

      Extensively applied in the roads such as main roads, expressways, streets, flyovers pavements and other areas

      that need outdoor lighting such squares, schools, residential quarters, industrial areas and parks.